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"At Vaxa, we believe in the body's ability to heal itself when given the proper nutrition and we have developed our formulas around that logic."

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Formulas designed to address issues with the heart.
Vaxa internal cleansing formulas are specifically designed.
Vaxa formulas designed to address specific bodily organs.
Formulas that provide all the proper nutritional safeguards.

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Vaxa Attend
Vaxa Attend Strategy Pac
Vaxa Deprex
Vaxa Extress
Vaxa Memorin
Vaxa Clearin
Vaxa TriCardia (OUT OF STOCK)
Vaxa Parasitin
Vaxa Medical pH-Test Strips - 100 ct.
Vaxa Optimize (OUT OF STOCK)
Vaxa Neuran (OUT OF STOCK)
Vaxa Cholesten-LDL (OUT OF STOCK)
Vaxa Immune-Aid (OUT OF STOCK)
Vaxa Aller-Sine (Aller Sine)
Vaxa Thyroid Formula (OUT OF STOCK)
Vaxa Arthritin (OUT OF STOCK)
Vaxa Systemex (OUT OF STOCK)
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