3 Reasons Why Your College Student Needs A Watch

7/22/2014 1:10 PM

Wewood watches are great for the busy college student going back to school

Kids and teens everywhere are going to hate us for saying it, but 'back-to-school' sales are already dominating retail stores. We can't avoid it; August is creeping up on us.

Although we don't sell school supplies at BillyTheTree, we do sell an essential accessory that every college student should have when heading to campus next month: watches.

Besides the obvious reasons - knowing what time it is and being on time - here are three reasons why your college student should have a watch when heading off to college:

1. He/she won't be one of the annoying students yanking out their cell phone in the middle of class to check the time.

2. His/her professors and boss will think your child is "grown up" and "professional".

3. He/she can use the watch functions to stay fit and healthy.

Bonus reason for male college students: girls notice guys with a nice watch.

BillyTheTree carries sporty watches from Pulsar, and ArmourLite; fashion-forward eco-friendly wooden watches from WeWood and Tense; and classy stainless steel watches from Seiko and Bering. With so many choices, you're sure to find a watch that your colleges student will want to wear.

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