Officina Bernardi is a line of Italian 925 sterling silver

Officina Bernardi srl was founded by Carlo and Francesco Bernardi . It designs and manufactures 100% Italian jewelry. Creativity, innovation and industrial know how are its key elements. Its factory is located in Borso del Grappa, close to Venice and Vicenza.

Carlo and Francesco are also the owners of Chrysos spa, a leader in the manufacturing and export of gold and silver chains at international level, for more than 25 years. Officina Bernardi srl is a new and fashionable brand, a leading protagonist of the jewelry retail market. Officina Bernardi US LTD is the exclusive North American importer and wholesaler of this brand, opened to analyze and satisfy the specific needs and desires of the American people.

Officina Bernardi uses 925 sterling silver, 18kt gold and Platinum. With its exclusive and patented “moon cut” it shapes beautiful sterling silver surfaces. The result is an extraordinary and glittering effect, similar to the light of a diamond.

This beautiful collection includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and rings in different sizes and lengths. For its luxurious style, unique design, highly sophisticated manufacturing and attractive price, Officina Bernardi is ideal for any fashionable consumer.

This unique care for the detail and rare combination of the fine metal make Officina Bernardi not only a simple jewelry line but a refined and highly sophisticated collection.

Video About Officina Bernardi - Watch The Sparkle!

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