BillyTheTree Jewelry Affiliate Program

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Yes, we have an affiliate program! We have partnered with the undisputed leader in affiliate programs, Commission Junction.

Below are the details about our affiliate program:

10% payout.

We are a friendly business partner -- if you see something on our site that you want to promote, and we don't have a banner for it, let us know, we'll be happy to make it for you!

In business since 2004. We have established a very strong web presence in four main categories:

1) Jewelry

We have over 14,000 different jewelry items for sale on our website! No matter who your audience consists of, chances are, we've got a sizeable collection that's right just for them.

10K gold, 14K gold, diamond jewelry, 925 sterling silver -- we have it all!

2) Magnetic Jewelry

We are one of the leading retailers on the internet of magnetic therapy jewelry. If your audience is 50+, or consists of golfers or athletes, then this collection is an absolute no-brainer for you!

3) Watches

Close to 300 different watches, including brand names, such as WeWood(R) wooden watches and WatchCraft(R)!

4) Sunglasses

Let's make some money together!!

See specifics below:

Affiliate Program Benefits and Features:

10% payout
Average Order Value: $50
Close to 20,000 SKUs


Age breakout: 18-65 years
Gender breakout: Male 40%; Female 60%

Consumer Advantages:

Free Shipping
No Sales Tax unless shipping address is in Florida
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Ongoing Promotions, Constantly Updated Inventory

Peak Promotional Seasons:

Nov-Dec, January, May-July

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