Buff Headwear - A Tennis Player's Review

Many of you, I'm sure, are aware of Buff headwear, and of the many uses it has. But today, I wanted to provide you with a tennis player's perspective.

Let me start off this way: I don't play tennis anymore without my trusty Visor Buff. And I hate hats. I despise the restrictive nature of a baseball cap, how it makes you sweat before getting even a single swing in - and I wouldn't really be caught dead with any other type of head garment on. I mean, they're bulky, heavy, hot, and don't feel like they're even made for your head.

All of this is solved with Buff, the original multi-functional head garment.

The microfibers are designed to let air move through, so your head stays nice and cool throughout, even after hours of wear. You know that itchy, hot feeling that drives you crazy after wearing a regular hat for anything more than five minutes? Gone.

Buffs are lightweight, so they don't weigh you down on the court, and they are unbelievably comfortable, because there are no seams in the Buff headgarment design. My Buff molds so nicely to my head that, most of the time, I forget that I even have my Buff on! And that's a good thing - it allows me to focus on my game!

In terms of fashion, no matter your preference, you're good to go. There are literally hundreds of different styles available.

Of course, the Buffs are also incredible in stopping UV rays - which will decrease your fatigue, and increase your ability to perform at your best. And that's pretty important, especially during a longer match. Besides, who wants a sunburn on their scalp?

One other major advantage of Buff headwear is that it, well, doesn't smell. Ever. I'll admit, I've been lazy now and then, forgetting to wash my Visor Buff in-between tennis sessions. Fearing the worst, I took a cautious whiff...and wouldn't you know! Zero. No smell at all. The fabric is designed to remain odor-free; no bacteria can even build up. How cool is that!?

So, Buff headwear is light, fashionable, stops UV rays, it doesn't smell, and is incredibly comfortable. Oh, and did I mention that there are more than twelve ways to wear a Buff (not the Visor Buff or Buff headbands, of course, but rather the original Buff series)?

What's even more, they're really, really affordable - for less than $30.00 (for the original Buff series, Visor Buffs, or the Buff Headbands - there are some premium Buffs that cost a bit extra), you can start enjoying all the benefits I've outlined. And, trust me, your tennis game will never be the same.