Caring for Gemstones & Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry can be worn daily or on special occasions, adding beautiful color to any outfit. Keeping your gemstones clean and storing them properly will help to maintain your gemstone jewelry so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

Get to Know The Gemstones You Have
Familiarizing yourself with your gemstone jewelry is important for a couple of reasons. First, some gemstones are more delicate than others and are prone to damages like scratching and breakage. Opals, for instance, are more delicate than a sapphire and should be handled with extra care. You can easily search online for information about your gemstones. If youve received gemstone jewelry as a gift or as a hand-down from family members, you should definitely look up information about the gems or take the piece to a jeweler for more information.

Another reason to familiarize yourself with your gemstone jewelry is to identify the metals that your gemstones are set in. This will become important when cleaning your jewelry, as some metals are actually less durable than the stones set into them.
Store Gemstone Jewelry with Care
Storing your gemstone jewelry with all of your other earrings, necklaces, pins, and bracelets may put your gemstones in danger of being damaged. Because each gemstone is different in chemical makeup, scratches and breakage can occur if youre not careful. Earring posts, clasps from necklaces or bracelets, and pins can all cause harm to your beautiful gemstones.

The best option for storing gemstone jewelry is to place your pieces in a padded jewelry box. Try to keep your gemstone pieces separate from other pieces in a separate compartment or use scraps of cloth or satin to lightly wrap your pieces before placing them in the box.
Clean Your Gems
To keep your gemstones and their settings clean you can drop your jewelry off at a trusted jeweler once every couple of years. This is the best option if you are dealing with multiple gemstones in one piece of jewelry or gemstones that you have not researched.

You can also opt to clean your gemstone jewelry at home. This is a good option if you are familiar with the stones and metals that you own, or if you wear a specific piece of gemstone jewelry regularly. Dust, dirt, and other small particles can build up around prongs and setting edges.
To clean your gemstone jewelry at home:

1. Choose cleaning products that are suitable for the most delicate stone or metal in the jewelry. Pearls and opal will react to cleaning materials differently than emeralds and sapphires. This is especially true and important to remember if you are using an off-the-shelf, pre-made jewelry cleaner.

2. For many gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, topaz, and emeralds, you can simply dilute a small amount of mild soap in a bowl of warm water. Place the jewelry in the bowl of soapy water and let it sit for five to 10 minutes (no longer). Using an old toothbrush, GENTLY run the bristles over the gemstone jewelry. Youll want to lightly brush over prongs and other areas where the metal setting is touching the gemstone. Also pay attention to areas that you might not see, like the underside of a ring or pendant, or areas with filigree. If you do this over the sink, dont forget to clog the drain!

After you are done brushing the jewelry, rinse it in more (clean) warm water and dry it by patting it lightly with a dry towel or letting it air dry on the towel.

Taking care of your gemstone jewelry should only take a few minutes every 3-6 months. Protect your investment and keep your gems looking their best!

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