Enhance Your Game with Tifosi Golf and Tennis Sunglasses

5/30/2014 8:28 AM

Tifosi Sunglasses are exceptional accessories to up your game!

If you or someone you know spends time on the golf course or tennis court wearing no-name drugstore sunglasses, it’s time to check out Tifosi golf and tennis sunglasses.

Tifosi sunglasses are popular amongst professional athletes and amateurs alike thanks to their superior quality and technology. The slim, durable frames feature adjustable nose pads and rubber on the arms, ensuring a no-slip fit even during your most sweaty golf or tennis match.

All Tifosi sunglasses feature lenses that give you 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB light rays, ensuring a safe day in the sun. And Tifosi golf and tennis sunglass styles come with a ton of options, including fixed or interchangeable lenses, polarized or prescription lenses, and vented lenses to prevent fogging. You can even opt for Tifosi extreme contrast (EC) lenses, which are designed to assist you in seeing a ball in flight, to read the tennis court surface, or the golf course terrain.

Try a pair of Tifosi golf and tennis sunglasses yourself, or buy a pair for the golf enthusiast or tennis player in your life.

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