Going boating? Think beyond the sunscreen.

7/07/2014 3:55 PM

Tifosi polarized lens sunglasses are a must-have for boaters this summer

If you’re planning to spend significant time boating or fishing this summer, you’ll no doubt be filling a bag with sunscreen, bottles of water, and snacks. Those items are great to protect your skin and keep your tummy full, but be sure not to neglect another important body part: your eyes.

Sunglasses for boating are important to keep harmful UVA/UVB rays at bay. Polarized lenses, like those available in many Tifosi sunglasses, are great for both keeping your eyes safe and reducing glare coming off the water.

Unlike other lenses that have only a polarized coating, Tifosi polarized lenses actually have a layer of polarized material sandwiched between the lenses, so you can get tons of wear from them.

Want to protect the skin around your eyes from crow’s feet? Check out Tifosi polarized fototec lenses. In addition to the polarized layer, fototec lenses transition from lighter to darker with changes in light. With these light-adjusting lenses, you won’t have to take your sunglasses off because of a passing cloud, or squint when the sun gets brighter. Less squinting = less crows feet!

Tifosi has many styles of sunglasses for water sports, like the Alpe 2.0, Core, Dolomite 2.0, and super popular Tyrant 2.0. Click here to shop all Tifosi polarized sunglasses


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