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This is the latest craze to have swept the nation, and for good reason. Simply put, Hoodoba has revolutionized weight loss.

What is Hoodoba Hoodia gordonii?

Hoodia gordonii is a cactus-like plant that grows only in certain dry regions of southern Africa. The San people, who live in this harsh and unfriendly environment, have successfully used this amazing plant for literally thousands of years as a means of fighting off hunger whenever food is scarce.


When scientists first stumbled upon Hoodia gordoni, and heard the claims made by the San people about it, they were understandably skeptical, as you might find yourself right now.

So a clinical study was conducted at the "South African Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research." The results would forever change the world: it was found that Hoodia gordonii contains a natural substance, which is now referred to as P. 57, that suppresses appetite and causes your body to burn fat. All with no harmful side effects.

But a more specific and astounding study was yet to be conducted. Phytopharm, a pharmaceutical company, did a study with actual obese individuals. For 15 days, the subjects were not allowed to do anything but read, watch TV, and eat. Half of the volunteers were given Hodia gordonii, and half were given a simple placebo. Those who had been given Hoodia gordonii had reduced their caloric intake by an average of 1,000 calories per day! That's, for lack of a better term, mind-blowing.

As if either of these two studies wasn't enough proof, two double-blind studies, which are generally accepted to be nearly irrefutable, were also conducted, in which both lean and obese rats were given Hoodia gordonii. The results? Unsurprisingly, Hoodia gordonii was found to reduce appetite and lead to weight loss in both groups of rats, with no adverse side effects observed (a slight drop in blood sugar level was noted, as can be expected when an organism eats less).

See references for the studies mentioned above.

Remember: Hoodoba hoodia gordonii is not a drug, and there are no harmful side effects, as studies have shown! Better yet, besides just helping you burn fat, Hoodoba Hoodia has been reported to act as an aphrodisiac...as well as taking care of hangovers and stomachaches - what a package!

Many people promise you many things, but cheap knockoffs just don't work. Try Hoodoba and find out for yourself - this is the answer to your prayers, this is how you can lose that excess weight!

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