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All of our jade jewelry is made from grade A jade (unless otherwise noted). Our jade jewelry features 100% Pure Nephrite Jade, with no treatments whatsoever. The jade comes from Canada, and is meticulously carved by hand. Many jade collectors have remarked that we have one of the best nephrite jade jewelry selections they've ever seen! Of course, you don't need to be a collector to appreciate these beautiful pieces.
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Jade bracelets, handcrafted from pure nephrite jade.
These jade brooches (pins) are available in a variety of great designs.
Adorable jade charms at a great price.
For the discerning gentlemen, we offer finely crafted jade cuff links and tie clips. Great gift idea also!
Hoops, hearts, golden style, silver style, and beautiful carved designs available.
Huge selection of jade pendants and necklaces. If you can think of it, we've got it.
Beautiful designs, available in many sizes. Solid jade, sterling silver, and gold rings available.
Smooth jade beads (also known as cabochons) available, including beautiful polar jade cabochons.

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Natural Black Nephrite Jade Bangle Bracelet (2352B750)
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