Magnetic Grid Layer - BioNorth Magnetic Energy

The MagnaDreamPad™ magnetic mattress pads bathe your body with a natural BioNorth magnetic field that many believe helps improve circulation and oxygenation in the bloodstream. The result of this action helps facilitate healing for areas of the body recovering from injury or weakened by age or disease.

Our MagnaDreamPad™ magnets are large round disc ceramic grade #8, with a manufacturers rating of 3950 Gauss strength.

We selected the round disc magnets and carefully spaced them based on engineering reports that show the optimal placement for the most effective magnetic field. The field above your MagnaDream Pad™ is constant, with no fluctuations - the entire surface is equally effective for a whole-body treatment.

MagnaDreamPad™ magnets are large, measuring 1 inch in diameter and 1/4 inch thick. This size enables our engineers to create the ultimate magnetic field depth penetration 9 to10 inches, which provides enough penetration for even the sturdiest framed human body!

Our grid pattern not only ensures the best penetration, but we also place the magnets in a unipole arrangement, creating a magnetic force field that positions only the North (BioNorth) field toward your body.

When shopping for magnetic mattress pads, compare the product WEIGHTS. Magnets are HEAVY, and a product with a stronger magnetic field will also be HEAVY. The MagnaDreamPad™ weighs in at 20 pounds for the twin size, up to 50 pounds for the king size.

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