• Ashi Flora TM (90 capsules) (novusAFL) - DISCONTINUED

Ashi Flora TM (90 capsules) (novusAFL) - DISCONTINUED
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The Ultimate Product for Complete Digestive and Intestinal Health. 90 vegi-capsules (3-6 week's supply).

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The Ultimate Product for Complete Digestive and Intestinal Health (reg)


Ashi-Flora (tm) provides more than the typical "cleansing" or "fiber" product. Not only does it work like cleansing and fiber products, it also rebuilds vital intestinal flora, promotes greater absorption of nutritional substances,helps protect intestinal tissues against abnormal cell reproduction, and at the same time lubricates and promotes intestinal motility. The most amazing thing about Ashi-Flora is that it is so pleasant to use and evokes such a comfortable sense of well-being in your body!

After almosttwo years of development, the Ashi-Flora formula now available!

Ashi-Flora contains ingredients which have the functional ability to:

  • Support Digestive and Intestinal Health

  • Balance Blood Sugar and Cholesterol Levels

  • Increase absorption of vitamins and minerals in the diet

  • Provide dietary fiber and necessary enzymes

  • Increase the efficiency of digestive processes

  • Suppress pathogenic intestinal bacteria, while promoting the growth of healthy flora.

  • Suppress abnormal cell replication and growth.

  • Promote better sleep patterns and ease the stress level on the body.

What is Ashi-Flora?

Ashi-Flora is a wonderful, all-natural blend of 100% organic ashitaba with prebiotic oligo fibers.

What does Ashi-Flora do?

Ashi-Flora has shown an incredible ability to assist the body's digestive system, to assist in intestinal cleansing, and to aid in comfortable and regular bowel movements. This effect is usually reported within 1 to 2 days. There are also many long-term benefits.

Why should I use Ashi-Flora?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the stomach and it's related structures is one of the most important organs in the body; it is like a furnace or central heating of a house that needs to be kept clean and operating smoothly. It is in the stomach and intestines that nutrients are broken down and absorbed. As we age, the stomach, often times, becomes weak or operates inefficiently. To make matters worse, the intestines usually become plagued with higher levels of bad bacterias and undigested foods.

Ashi-Flora is designed to help restore the balance in your gastro-intestinal system in favor of the good flora and to help your body increase assimilation of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, Ashi-Flora is designed to help balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and to support the kidneys and the liver. The herbs in Ashi-Flora also offer longevity benefits such as relief of muscle, joint, and nerve pain; supporting the immune system; supporting the skin structures to give the complexion a smooth look; assisting with relaxation and anti-stress; and assisting with better sleep.

Who can use Ashi-Flora?

Ashi-Flora can be used by everyone, young and old. It is extremely gentle on the body, yet does a fantastic job! You'll feel so good, you'll never want to be without Ashi-Flora!

Ashi-Flora is a synergistic blend of ashitaba, prebiotic oligo fibers, aloe vera gel and other supporting herbs encapsulated with a patented proprietary delivery system.

Aspects in terms of structure and function of some of the components of Ashi-Flora are discussed below:

Health Benefitsof Novus Organic Ashitaba (tm)

Novus Research uses only the best freeze-dried organic whole-plant Ashitaba in Ashi-Flora. Ashitaba itself contains 11 vitamins, 13 minerals, an abundance of chlorophyll, and more.

Ashitaba is one of the few known plants that actually produce vitamin B12, normally produced only in animal life. Some of the most amazing substances contained in Ashitaba are special flavonoids called Chalcones, notably xanthoangelol, xanthoangelol E, and 4-hydroxyderricin, which give the sap of the plant a distinct yellow color.

In 1998, xanthohumol was shown to inhibit the activity of the enzyme cytochrome P450, a component in the activation of the uncontrolled division of cancer cells (Anon. 1998). This research, conducted by Buhler (1999) looked at the effects of the flavonoids and chalcones of hops on cancer chemoprevention and cancer chemotherapy. Scientific research on the effects and benefits of these Chalcones has been ongoing for several years on a worldwide basis, although it is not a highly publicized area of discussion. Research indicates that the Chalcones in Ashitaba have anti-tumorogenic [1], anti-bacterial [2] and anti-viral properties. In the plant world, plants have ingenious methods to protect themselves from indigenous organisms in order to ensure health. Some of these substances can also assist the human body in warding off certain types of organisms. (For much more information on Organic Ashitaba, see the product website link above)

[1] Okayama, et al., Anti-tumor promotion by principles obtained from Angelica Keiskei, Department of Pharmacology and Phytochemistry, Meiji College of Pharmacy, Tokyo, Japan.

[2] Inamori, Y, et al., Anti-bacterial activity of two Chalcones, xanthoangelol and 4-hydroxyderricin, isolated from Angelica Keisei Koidzumi, Osaka University of Pharmacological Sciences, Japan, Pharmacological Therapy, 1991 Dec.

Health Benefitsof Pre-Biotic Fiber

Another major ingredient of Ashi-Flora is a special type of pre-biotic fiber. According to a study recently completed by the National Institute for Agricultural Research in Nantes, France, natural prebiotic fiber can have a significant, positive effect on colitis. Short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides used in the study reduced the duration and severity of colitis and helped diminish the anorexic effects of the disease. Colitis, which affects more than 2 million people worldwide, causes inflammation and ulceration of the colon and can result in malfunction of the immune system. Ashi-Flora stimulates growth of probiotics that produce short-chain fatty acids, vital components for activating immunity.

Despite efforts to encourage higher consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, Americans continue to fall short. These foods provide vital nutrients and fiber. Fiber promotes gut integrity by increasing fecal bulk and regulating transit time. Research has frequently indicated that low-fiber diets are associated with increased risk for digestive-tract cancers. Together, these facts present interesting opportunities for prebiotics. Prebiotics are "nondigestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by selectively stimulating the growth and/or activity of one or a limited number of bacteria in the colon, " as defined by Gerald Tannock in Probiotics and Probiotics: Where are We Going? They occur naturally and are commonly extracted from bananas, artichokes, onions, garlic, barley, wheat, chicory and tomatoes. Prebiotic fiber stimulates and increases the number of beneficial bacteria and prevents the colonization of the intestine by invading pathogenic bacteria , such as Clostridium and E-Coli, or yeast, with which they compete for attachment sites and nutrients.

In the colon, beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria ferment prebiotics to produce short-chain fatty acids (SFCA). SCFAs lower the intestinal environment's pH, providing an environment more conducive to mineral absorption (calcium, magnesium and zinc) and more hostile to harmful bacteria. Ashi-Flora enhances the number of bifidobacteria in the GI tract, increasing the vitamin status, especially B & K, and helping to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Additionally, prebiotics provide the same benefits associated with other fibers: increased fecal bulk, regulated bowel movements, and possible reduced colon cancer risk.

Health Benefits of Aloe Barbadensis Gel

Novus uses Aloe Gel in Ashi-Flora , which is much more effective than the commonly used leaf Aloe . There is a wide range of research from all over the world based upon different species of Aloe. Due to its high concentration of oxygen, Aloe is used to help prevent disease, reduce inflammation and enhance the immune system. It is anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Aloe's many enzymes help digestion and nutritionally fights aging and helps people to deal with unwanted weight as it energizes the cells with oxygen.

As far as is possible the table below describes the constituents found in Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe vera) with their properties and their inferred activities. The aloe constituents are derived from the aloe leaf which consists of three primary sections: the rind (photosynthesis) with sap contained in the peri-cyclic transport tubules (xylem and phloem), the mucilage (container) layer and the parenchyma or gel fillet (storage) layer. The relative quantities of the aloe constituents may be quite small (the total solid fraction varies from 0.5 to 1.5%), but most researchers claim that the effects that are observed may be due to the synergistic actions of the 75 ( total about 200 different ingredients) known ingredients. The table below lists the constituents in alphabetical order. The aloe constituent list represents a consensus view of published work and may not be complete. The properties and the associated activities reported in the table have been constructed using the references cited below.


Number & Identification

Properties & Activity


Amino Acids Provides 20 of the 22 human required amino acids & 7 of the 8 essential ones Provides the basic building blocks of proteins in the production of muscle tissue etc The 8 essential amino acids are those the human body cannot manufacture
Anthraquinones Provides 12 anthraquinones: Aloe emodin, Aloetic Acid, Aloin, Anthracine, Antranol, Barbaloin, Chrysophanic Acid, Emodin, Ethereal Oil, Ester of Cinnamonic Acid, Isobarbaloin, Resistannol. In relatively small concentrations together with the Gel fraction they provide Analgesic, Antibacterial, Antifungal & Antiviral activity. In high concentration on their own they can be toxic. Traditionally known as laxatives.The antraquinones are found in the sap. The anthraquinone derivatives (anthrones & chromones) comprise the phenolic fraction of the sap. The primary sap component is Aloin/Barbaloin anthrone derivative
Enzymes Provides 8 enzymes: Aliiase, Alkaline Phosphatase, Amylase, Carboxypeptidase, Catalase, Cellulase, Lipase, Peroxidase Helps breakdown of food sugars and fats aiding digestion & enhancing nutrient absorbtion
Hormones Auxins & Gibberellins Wound Healing & Anti-inflammatory
Lignin Cellulose based substance Thought to provide penetrating power in Aloe vera skin preparations and may act as a carrier for other components
Minerals Provides 9 minerals: Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc Essential for good health and is known to work in certain combimation with each other, vitamins and other trace elements
Salicylic Acid Aspirin like compound Analgesic
Saponins Glycosides Soapy substance both cleansing and antiseptic
Sterols Provides 4 main plant steroids: Cholesterol, Campesterol, Lupeol, ÃÃÃÃïÃÃÃÃÿÃÃÃÃý Sitosterol Anti-inflammatory agents. Lupeol also possesses antiseptic and analgesic properties
Sugars Monosaccharides: glucose & fructose

Polysaccarides: gluco-mannans / polymannose


Anti-inflammatory action

Anti-viral, immune modulating activity of Acemannan

The long chain gluco-mannans are absorbed intact by the pinocytotic process of certain cells lining the digestive tract.
Vitamins A, C, E, B, Choline, B12, Folic Acid Antioxidant(A,C,E): neutralises free radicals B's & Choline involved in amino acid metabolism, B12 required for production of red blood cells, Folic Acid in the development of blood cells


The Essential Aloe Vera, The Actions And The Evidence, by Dr Peter Atherton, 2nd Edition, 1997
The Health and Medical Use of Aloe vera by Lawrence G Plaskett, PhD, FRSC, 1998 {ISBN:0-943685-21-4}
Aloe Vera: A Scientific Approach by Robert H Davis, PhD, 1997 {ISBN:0-533-12137-X}
The Silent Healer A Modern Study of Aloe Vera, by Bill C Coates, R.Ph., C.C.N. with Robert Ahola, 3rd Edition, 1996
Aloe vera: nature's soothing healer by Diane Gage, 1996 {ISBN:0-89281-627-9}

Use Instructions: 2 capsules morning and evening, daily. Contraindications: None

Other Ingredients: Proprietary Maximizing Absorption Blend, vegetable capsule.

Customer Feedback:

Dear Novus Research,

My family has a history ofstomach and digestive disorders including colitis, heartburn, diverticulitis,and excessive gas. It has been so bad for me, that, at one point, the doctorssuggested that the only way to "fix" my problems was to remove my stomach. Ididn't consider that as an option, so, over the years, in trying to alleviatemy problems, I have tried everything I can from over-the-counter products toherbal alternatives. My cabinet is full of every kind of drug store productssuch as Zantac, Pepto bismol, acid-reducers, acid-blockers, and Metamucil, aswell as herbal products such as digestive enzymes, probiotics, Chinese herbs,and other herbal combinations.

This is something that hasplagued my health for over 50 years, until I discovered Ashi-Flora. What anincredible product!

For the first time, my bodyfeels relieved of esophageal acid, bloatedness, and upset stomach. I can now eatanything, even spicy foods, without worrying because when I feel even theslightest bit of rumbling in my stomach, I take two capsules of the Ashi-Floraand any problems that might normally occur goes away. Of course, that's inaddition to my usual six capsules a day regimen.

It gets even better! I'venoticed that everything in my body seems to work better now. First, my bowelmovements became very easy and I was eliminating a lot of junk. I was surprisedat how comfortable the cleansing effect was! My stomach and intestines wereworking better, but there was no stress on them. Actually, since using Ashi-Flora,I feel a wonderful sense of calmness in my entire digestive system, somethingI've never felt before. Second, my immune system seems to be functioningbetter. I even seem to be handling this season's allergies better (this one isthe worse in many years). I even seem to have less joint aches and pains!

These days, I feel lighter,healthier, more cheerful, balanced, and energetic! I can't thank you enoughfor making such a great product! By the way, I also have more cabinet space, nowthat I've thrown out all the other products that didn't work for me.

Thank you again,

G.G., Springfield, MAMarch 2004

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