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Flora Sweet TM (100 grams) (novusFST)
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Prebiotic Dietary Fiber and Alternative Sweetner. 100 g (100-200 servings).

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Prebiotic Dietary Fiber and Alternative Sweetner. 100 g (100-200 servings).

Prebiotic Fibers are important and helpful in
improving beneficial microflora in the body.

Diabetic Friendly - will not cause blood sugar spikes
Good Source of Gentle, Non-Irritating Fiber
Tastes Great, better than Stevia!
Healthy alternative to sugar and high-calorie sweeteners
Improves quantity of beneficial microflora
Balances cholesterol metabolism
Produces secondary beneficial enzymes

Serving size: 1 gram (~ 1/4 tsp) 100 Servings per container
Directions: Use 1/2 to 1 tsp (~ 3 grams) in tea, coffee, or water

Ingredients: Prebiotic fiber and Sprouted Mung Bean Extract, free of herbicides, pesticides and not geneticallymodified.

The new Novus Research product Flora Sweet is a synergistic blend of sweet pre-biotic fiber and nutrients which selectively feed and nourish the friendly bacteria of the intestinal tract, and thereby contribute to a healthy microflora balance, in effect balancing the intestinal flora, improving intestinal transit time and supporting regularity. Flora-Sweet also helps produce beneficial enzymes, helps protect the intestine through the barrier effect of the Bifidobacteria and lowers the pH of the intestine. Flora- Sweet also assists in the prevention of free radicals, helps provide B vitamins, helps in the improved absorption of Calcium, and helps balance lipid and cholesterol metabolism.

Consumption of 1 gram per day over a 14-day period helps support regularity in terms of improved transit time and stool size. The recommended general daily fiber intake for adults is 25 grams or more from all sources. Bifidogenic effects may be obtained on a maintenance basis through the daily ingestion of 1-3 grams of Flora-Sweet, which will produce a five-fold increase in beneficial bacteria.

Products similar to Flora-Sweet have been sold in Europe for over 8 years, and are used in the French health care system as a dietary supplement. The Diabetic Syndicate of France (AFD) has strongly endorsed the use of this type of product for over 4 years. Keep product in airtight container and away from moisture. Flora-Sweet will absorb moisture from the air very quickly. Children love the taste of Flora Sweet, and have used it as an alternative to candy.

Shelf life sealed: 2 years.

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