• Super Glisodin (reg) (60 capsules) (novusGLD)

Super Glisodin (reg) (60 capsules) (novusGLD)
Item # novusGLD
60 vegi-capsules, 250 mg (15-30 day's supply).

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60 vegi-capsules, 250 mg (15-30 day's supply).

The ONLY Orally Effective Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

AllNatural and Plant Derived

DNACell Protection & Free Radical Scavenging

What is SOD? Superoxide dismutase is a naturally occurring enzyme that protects the body against active oxygen free radicals by scavenging excess superoxide. Low or undetectable levels of superoxide dismutase and catalase allow oxygen radicals to form in anaerobic bacteria and to inactivate other bacterial enzyme systems.The SOD enzyme itself has a very unusual electrostatic field which contributes to its properties.

GliSODin(reg) promotes the production of the body's own primary and most powerful antioxidants at the cellular level. Human research has proven GliSODin effective in maintaining cellular health and protecting against damage caused by oxidative stress.

As an enzyme, SOD has particular value as an antioxidant that can help to protect against cell destruction. It has the distinct ability to neutralize superoxide, one of the most damaging free radical substances in nature. Like so many other protective compounds which naturally occur in the body, it decreases with age, making cells much more vulnerable to the oxidants which cause aging and disease. Research in the areas of inflammatory, hepatic, allergic, tumorigenic, metabolic, cardiovascular, vision, and neurological disorders indicate the supportive function of SOD in the prevention and alleviations of such symptoms. SOD is also important in many other aspects of health and longevity. SOD has fantastic benefits!

SOD plays an important role in the body's antioxidant system, intervening in the first transformation by dismuting the most reactive forms of oxygen (and therefore the most dangerous for the cells) - the superoxide free radicals - into ions that are less reactive. This transformation is called dismutation, thus its name dismutase (an enzyme that stops mutation). If these defense mechanisms do not immediately eliminate the free radicals, the body's cells suffer from an "oxidative stress" that can lead to or promote health problems.

Protects mitochondrial functions (boosts your energy)
Helps protect DNA & cellular health in humans under stress
Reduces oxidative stress in humans (better well being)
Protects from radiation injury
Heart disease & Cholesterol

Inhibits inflammatory neurodegenerative processes
Detoxifies cellular tissues
Reduces brain swelling after traumatic brain injury
Alzheimer's & Parkinson's applicable

Corneal Ulcers & Cataracts
Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Enhances retinal health

Lowers inflammatory messenger by inducing IL-10
Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis
Reduces general inflammatory processes
Helps protect lung tissues from inflammation

Boosts production of T cells & inhibits T cell death
Helps raise natural antioxidant defense levels in humans

Reduces lactic acid build-up
Reduces swelling injury
Speeds recovery

Effectiveness and Convenience

Mostof the clinical research on Glisodin SOD has been done with doses from 500 to1000 mg per day. Novus Research's 250 mg SUPER GLISODIN offers you the most convenient way to take theideal dose of 1,000 mg/day. With 250mg Super Glisodin, you only need 2 capsules - morning and evening to achieve a significant dose. SUPER GLISODIN offers you convenience anda better value! We use 100% Glisodin SOD and natural vegetable capsules.No fillers.

Why use GliSODin SOD?

  • Clinically Proven to Reduce Oxidative Stress and DNA Damage in Humans

  • First Orally Effective Bioactive form of Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD)

  • Clinically proven to increase levels of circulating SOD

  • Supported by: ongoing human clinical research - human, animal and in vitro studies

  • Grandfathered dietary ingredient

  • Completely vegetarian

  • A Very Effective Patented complex at a physiologically significant dose.

  • Protects mitochondrial functions. Helps prevent inflammatory neurogenerantive processes.

  • Reduces the pro-oxidant capacities of inflammatory cells. Lowers inflammatory messenger by inducing IL-10

  • Supports healthy immune function. Helps raise natural antioxidant defense levels in humans

  • Reduces lactic acid build-up in humans under physical stress

Healthy SOD levels may be one of the keys to anti-aging and longevity as it is able to protect against DNA strand breaks and, possibly, the shortening of the DNA telomeres. SOD plays a crucial role throughout our life cycle, protecting our bodies from external and internal free radical damage, and at the same time boosting our cells' defense system and immunity.

SOD acts as a frontline defense against free radical damage, reduces inflammation and inflammatory damage in joints and tissues, protects the lungs in allergic reactions, protects the mitochondria (the power house of our cells) from damage, increases the effectiveness of pharmaceutical medicines and therapies while lessening any side effects they may have, and protects our immune system from environmental toxins.

SOD, GliSODin is the first orally effective, vegetarian form of superoxide dismutase (SOD); the only one that has been shown to increase the body's own circulating SOD levels by oral ingestion. Natural production of antioxidants catalase & GPx are also increased. A proprietary process integrates gliadin (a wheat protein) with SOD from melon extract to protect it from degradation. Usually SOD is rapidly destroyed by the digestive system.See A Short History of SOD for more info about the road to an effective oral SOD. Organic technologies have finally provided an oral formulation for SOD that will pass through the stomach and become available for use by the body. Recent research showed that this particular SOD was able to increase the body's SOD levels and increase the body's response time in producing SOD. In addition, exciting new human clinical trials based on oxidative stress showed that this particular SOD is able to protect the body against DNA damage, something that even Vitamin E or N-acetylcysteine is not able to do. Furthermore, this particular SOD is very useful in helping the body to modulate internal SOD levels, bringing the levels up when needed and lowering the levels when too high.

In a clinical trial, healthy volunteers subjected to accelerated oxidative stress showed no DNA fragmentation after taking GliSODin, while the placebo group did. Animal & human studies suggest GliSODin supplementation should be helpful for all conditions of oxidative stress and excess free radicals or when the immune system is challenged; including neurological, pulmonary, cardiovascular, vision, & immune support, as well as for sports nutrition by reducing lactic acid build-up and promoting exercise recovery.

Medical conditions where SOD has been researched include Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis, Respiratory Disorders , Cancer and cancer treatments , Heart Disease & Cholesterol problems , Liver Fibrosis , Boost production of T cells and prevent T cell death , Alzheimer's Disease & Parkinson's Disease , Cataracts & Retinal Ulcers and Age-Related Macular Degeneration .

Super GiSODin may be one of the most important defense substances to become available; ithelps the body to manufacture SOD and also regulates internal SOD levels. Since the body produces potentially damaging oxygen free radicals and is subject to environmental influences, it is inevitable that a certain level of oxidants are present at all times. Thus, one of the most important control mechanisms and key to anti-aging is our body's ability to maintain an oxidant/antioxidant balance.

Super GliSODin- The First Orally Effective SOD

Novus Research Inc., leaders in the Nutraceutical Industry, as of 2005 offer the only orally Bio-Effective All Vegetable Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) previously only featured in In-Sight AOF in 2002.:

Suggested Use: Take 1 to 2 capsules morning and evening with water. To take advantage of all the protective and healing effects of Super GliSODin it is recommended to take 4 capsules per day (1000 mg/day), preferably 2 in the morning and 2 at night.

Additional supplementation can be taken for any of the strains on the body's natural defense system: convalescence, intense exposure to the sun or ultra-violet rays, stress or intense physical exercise (after a sport competition or for people practicing sport occasionally).

For a long-term support of the immune system, against the free radicals, Super GliSODin can be used on a permanent basis, if desired. Long term support for joints, immune system and mitochondrial systems, supporting energy levels. Anyone over age 35 can benefit. Store in a cool dry place. Do not store bottle in refrigerator, in bathrooms and areas of elevated moisture.

Contraindications: A small subset of the population may be allergic to wheat protein. Anyone allergic to wheat protein should logically avoid all products which contain some form of wheat protein. GliSODin is not meant to be used by pregnant women or children under 12 years of age.

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