Now available on BillyTheTree: Tifosi Extra / Replacement Lenses

Extra and replacement lenses for your Tifosi sunglasses are now available at BillyTheTree! BillyTheTree is excited to announce that it has expanded its line of Tifosi sunglasses with the addition of replacement lenses. Now you can buy replacement lenses for Tifosi sunglasses on BillyTheTree, including lenses for the most popular styles, including Tyrant, Veloce, Dolomite 2.0, Podium, and Podium S.

If you own an older pair of Tifosi sunglasses and have scratched or damaged lenses, you can find a compatible pair of replacement lenses online. Have a newer pair of Tifosi sunglasses? You can mix and match colors and tints with extra lenses.

Click here to buy your new Tifosi lenses.


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