After 35 years flying helicopters, constant sitting with a 6 pound helmet and vibrations, I was constantly feeling pain in my spine. After 2 days of inversion, 10 minutes in the morning and again at night, the pain is gone. The difference is amazing. Best purchase of my life. Thanks!
- D. Matthews, Salisbury, NC

I have had an inversion table, but not this kind. It worked so good that I thought I would buy a good one. I had back surgery 6 years ago, and since then have had nerve, hip and knee problems. When I use this table on a regular basis and walk a lot I feel so much better and have very little need for pills. Thank you so much for all the information and showing us how to do more to give us a chance to live better lives.
- Doris, Thursday, February 09, 2006

We recently received the inversion table. Assembly was surprisingly easy, instructions were great, and the quality of this product is amazing for the cost we paid for it. We're looking forward to experiencing the benefits. Thanks for an outstanding product in a time when so many others are cheaply made, yet overpriced. Yours is the way it should be.
- S. Barnhart, Lititz, PA

The first time I used the F5000 Inversion Table I could feel the relief from pain in my lower back and hips. I continue to use it daily in hopes that standing upright will no longer be a discomfort for me.
- Carole, Age 63

I am now 37 years old. I injured my back weight training when I was 24. I have a ruptured disk in my lower back and sciatica. I have been to numerous chiropractors, physio therapists and doctors including a few surgeons. For years and years, I spent approximately $75 per month on prescription pills - mainly Vioxx which is now a banned substance. I also used to miss work for weeks to a month at a time. Two years ago, down to very little options to control my pain and with the assurance of the neuro-surgeon that I would have to have back surgery in the near future, I purchased a Teeter inversion table for the same dollar amount of approximately four months of pain pills. Two weeks after using the table for about three minutes per day and four days per week, I stopped taking pills.

I use the inversion table about three to four times per week now and I would say I am 90% pain free most of the time and 99% pain free for the remainder of the time. I rarely take pills anymore if at all. I play golf again which is something I thought I would never do again, but more importantly, I can play with my three year old son which is a blessing to me. The Teeter Inversion Table is the best thing I own. It saved my life. I am 6'4" and still close to 300 lbs. and I have no problems or fear of inverting on the table and hanging upside down. I recommend the Teeter Inversion Table to anyone suffering with back pain. Do yourself, your back and your family a favor and get one. Make your life normal again.
- M. Rabiner, North Vancouver, BC

Our son hurt his back and had heard about your Hang Ups. I knew my two brothers each had one and thought maybe we could borrow one to try out. Well, it seems they couldn't or wouldn't want to do without theirs, because they use them every day. My son bought one and thought it helped him. My husband has had a bad back for years, so my husband tried the one my son bought. Well, he thought it helped, so we bought one too! We live very close to each other, about 500 feet away. I guess he didn't want to borrow. Well, we now have our own, and I also use it on occasion. My husband used to get up in the morning, and was very bent over. He really walked looking at the floor. Now he stands much straighter. Our children even commented on the fact that he wasn't so hunched over. I am not saying it has miraculously cured him, but he is much better! Thank you!
- R. Malzahn

I first inverted at my Chiropractor and received such a dramatic result that day, that I got on the internet and came to the conclusion that the Teeter Hang Ups was the best out there. After buying and receiving the F5000, I was TOTALLY impressed with the QUALITY of the product, packaging, and materials. I am an electrical engineer, so it is hard to please me in this regard! I have a recently diagnosed herniated L4/L5 disk and have had low back problems for 20 or so years, so I have been looking for alternatives to surgery and a way to reduce/eliminate my need for pain medication. Since using the F5000 for almost 3 weeks, I have found that my pain has significantly reduced (Sciatica mostly) and I am able to do more than I have in the last several months. I use the table once a day (right before bedtime) for about 5-10 minutes and have been doing some of the stretching (at full inversion) shown on the DVD. I am able to relax much more quickly now and am looking forward to the long-term benefits that this form of exercise affords. Thanks so much, Teeter!
- K. Anderson, Monday, January 02, 2006

Follow-up letter: I've been a certified fitness trainer for 9 years, and previously a power lifter and body builder. I no longer lift anywhere near as intense and like I said, I've added Hang Ups to a radically different (than previous years) exercise routine (including crunches on the Hang Ups rack). I presently have an on-going list of what I think the long and short term benefits will be beside the obvious. Some friends and I are convinced we are onto the fountain of youth to some extent in the form of circulation, complexion, and even vision and memory benefits and much more, again the list goes on and on. In conclusion, I felt compelled to at least mention my opinion. If nothing else, I'll be using Hang Ups for a long time to come and recommending inversion equipment to people I know.
- S. Excell, Palatine, IL

My husband had begun contemplating back surgery to relieve his pain, and I got concerned. He has a very physical job as a Tree and Stump Removal expert. The last few years he has been experiencing increasingly agonizing pain and was taking pain meds multiple times daily to get some temporary relief. The doctors gave him no hope of eliminating the pain, even with the surgery... I, myself, have had back problems ever since I can remember. In January I bought the F7000 inversion table. I did quite a lot of research on inversion and various products, and had settled on the Teeter [Hang Ups Inversion Table]. My husband has been able to reduce taking his meds to only once a day 2 or 3 times a week, and has reduced the number of times he must lie flat each day... He is no longer contemplating back surgery right now and may be able to put it off indefinitely if he continues to improve with inversion. I use the inversion table every other day for about 3 minutes and have noticed the sciatic pain has been greatly reduced, my back pain has become more the exception than the norm, and I feel better in general. In fact, I can work all day without constant pain and I even felt good enough to join a "health and fitness" group. THANK YOU, Teeter Hang Ups...You've given us hope.
- D. Liberto, Clarence Center, NY

I received the F5000 Inversion table yesterday and immediately assembled it. I purchased the F5000 because I have had continued back pain due to compressed discs in my lower back in the L1/L2 areas. After I ran 4 miles this morning and cooled down, I inverted myself at 75 degrees for 30 seconds, then resting at 180 degrees, alternating for 20 minutes. As soon as I removed myself from the F5000, I immediately could feel instant relief from the normal pain and discomfort I experience after exercising! My lower back muscles were more relaxed, and I had more mobility and flexibility then I have had in some time after only one 20 minute session on the F5000 Inversion Table! I will include this inversion therapy daily for obvious reasons - the F5000 really works! It made a believer out of me after just one session! Thanks so much!
- D. Bigelow, Waldorf, MD

When I first saw the Teeter Inversion Table being demonstrated on [TV] while channel surfing it caught my eye. I watched and it made sense. I told a friend about it and she said "her mother inverted for 20 min. a day for 20 yrs., and when she died at 84 she had no wrinkles and looked much younger than her years." Since I have been using your product I have noticed a stretching and strengthening of my abs and groin. Also, my back feels better. I have been using weights for years, participated in a few power lifting tournaments and I wish I would have started inverting years ago as part of my dailty workout regimen.
- K. Price

I am a diagnostic radiologist who has abused his back through sports, hard work and horses for years. About seven years ago, I began to experience back and left leg pain that progressed rapidly. An MRI revealed a lot of degenerative changes in my lumbar spine with two intervertebral discs that were herniated and for all practical purposes "worn out". I've been on antiinflammatories for at least five years with some minimal relief. Five years ago I began to experience numbness in some of my left toes with sciatica in the left hip and leg. This progressed to the point of constant pain and loss of feeling. Six months ago I began to have loss of motor function in my left toes. I have seen the poor results of surgery on a daily basis on MRIs of lumbar discectomy. That was not an option.

A friend who is a sales rep for radiographic equipment, whom I have known for 15 years, told me about the inversion table. My friend had suffered back problems for years and I had seen him many times at the hospital in terrible pain, so I knew he had tried everything. He told me how he had become pain free in about two months using an inversion table. If it had come from almost anyone else I would not have believed it. I ordered one that day. In one week of use, twice to three times per day, the numbness in my toes improved 100%. During the second week I slept my first pain free night in five years. I'm starting my third week tomorrow. This probabaly won't work for everyone, nothing does, but it is helping me greatly. I'll give you a follow-up in acouple of months.
- Ken Hamilton, M.D.

Thanks for the concept and from a welder to the engineer, you did a mighty fine job.
- D Griffith, Rockland, MA

I suffered a severe lower back injury in September 2001 which required surgery and a lengthy rehabilitation. It took me almost one year to feel somewhat normal, but I was never without back pain and always needed pain medication to just get by. My doctor had diagnosed me with degenrative disc disease, or arthritis of the spine. By the Spring of 2004, my condition had worsened and spread to my neck. I was experiencing severe pain in my neck with numbness radiating down my right arm. My doctor told me I would need another surgery to decompress the discs in my neck which were pinching the nerves to my arm. Without the surgery, I was told I could suffer permanent nerve damage and possibly the use of my arm. I had read all the literature concerning neck surgery and the risks were very significant. Around this time, my wife saw the Teeter Hang Ups commercial on television and heard you speak of "decompression". She immediately told me about your product. I looked into inversion therapy and it seemed to be worth a try, after all, anything is better than another surgery.

I consulted with my doctor before I tried the Teeter F5000 and he agreed it was okay for me to try inversion therapy. I started out slowly, but quickly gained confidence and felt almost immediate relief from my pain and the numbness in my arm decreased significantly. As a matter of fact, I underwent an electro-mylograph (EMG) test after 2 weeks of using the Teeter F5000. The EMG consisted of a neurologist inserting needles into my arm and neck to measure the electrical performance of my nerves. Of the many readings the doctors took, only one was slightly out of tolerance. In a short 2 weeks of inversion therapy, I was virtually cured and did not require surgery. Today as I write this, I no longer experience any numbness in my arms, and my back and neck pain are virtually nonexistant. I went from prescription pain medication to one aspirin a day! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, the Teeter F5000 and inversion therapy has given me back my life!
- E Peterson, Waldorf, MD

I purchased the F5000 Inversion Table (Hang Ups) 30 days ago from Relax The Back in Charlotte, NC. I've been inverting twice a day for 30 days. Inversion postures were not really new to me. I have a background as a yoga teacher and was occasionally practicing inversion postures (the headstand and shoulder stand), which always made me feel relaxed and focused. The downside of doing headstands is that you can't stay on your head for a long period of time without experiencing soreness around your arms and on the top of your head.

At the time I bought the F5000, I was experiencing symptoms of peri-menopause (hot flashes, anxiety, insomnia, night sweats, mood swings). I took an appointment with the OBGYN, and tested positive as being peri-menopausal. I bought the inversion table after having my results. I read an article published in the Yoga Journal in February 1996 from Ellen Sander that inversion postures do alleviate if not eliminate the menopause symptoms. As yoga teachers we are also taught that inversions are excellent for menopause. I also realized that if I seriously wanted to stay away from hormone therapy I would have to invert twice daily for at least 15 minutes. The F5000 inversion table allows me to invert for a longer period of time in a much more comfortable position than doing a headstand.

After using the table twice a day for 30 days and building my time up to 20 to 30 minutes during the weekends, I was completely back on track, I had more energy and felt on top of my game. 95% of the symptoms were gone and I?m convinced that the remaining 5% is going to fade away with time and commitment. I practice a complete inversion for at least 10 minutes then move back to a 60 or 30 degree angle. It prevents my ankles to getting too sore. I'm 5'4, 130 lbs. and in excellent shape.

I am so glad to be back to myself again. I also work in an office where I have to deal with stress. My vitality is not only higher but I feel very calm after each inversion and by God, people even tell me that I look younger! LOL Oh well, not that I'm very old, I'm 46, but it is amazing what inversion can do to the quality of one's life.

I feel strongly that in a few months from now I will experience additional benefits from having made inversion part of my daily routine. Of course, it's like anything else, you need to commit to it and do it to fully benefit from inversion. Frankly, to get rid of these uncomfortable symptoms, to get rid of the anxiety from menopause and stay away from hormone therapy, I would sleep upside down all night like Gomez of the Adams Family. Hormone therapy is not an option for me. Yes, I do have an excellent nutrition and juice with vegetables on a regular basis and also see a Naturopath for my vitamins. I do consult a tradition doctor as well when I need to. I like to explore both sides and then make my own decision.

I am not really surprised with the result I got from inverting. I have some understanding from my Phys Ed Degree of how the endocrine system works and I believe that if you bring more blood into the glands there will work more efficiently. If you bring more blood to the brain it will also work better. Menopause is a shift in our hormones. It's pure physiology. It's nothing mysterious. I don't skip a day and I am really looking forward to it. Physically and mentally I feel on top of my game. My memory and capacity to focus is much sharper.

There is also something fun about being inverted, just like when we were kids, right? Now and then I watch TV while I invert or talk on the phone if I need to. Crazy inverters...we need a support group to share about our experience: "The Inverters Anonymous". This purchase is by far the best purchase I have made to support my well being and I would strongly recommend people to buy it.

With all that being said, I hope people will enjoy your table. My advice is to be progressive with it, work the inversion in increments. Once you?re on the table take your time and as we say in yoga, "There is no where to go and nothing to do, but to stay in the present moment."
- L Federal, Charlotte, North Carolina

It is such an honor and a pleasure to let others know that your product can change lives. I have bought a treadmill since I last communicated with you, and I am "walking" a half-mile on it everyday. I never would have had been able to make such a decision if I hadn't first bought your inversion table. When I first started out on the treadmill, I walked for only 10 minutes, then worked up to 15, then 20, etc. My next goal is to walk 3/4 of a mile, then go for a mile! I have been too much the "couch potato" during the years that I was fighting breast cancer, so I knew that I needed to start out slow and work up to whatever goals I set. Besides being able to walk a 1/2 mile on my treadmill, I am now able to take my precious German Shepherd Dog for her walks, which she dearly loves. I am now on the way to losing the extra weight that I gained, from not being able to be on my feet for no longer than 10 or 15 minutes, due to horrific pain. The inversion table helps to control the low back pain that had robbed me of my life.

I meant it when I said that the first time on the inversion table, felt like heaven! Tears came to my eyes, as I felt the muscles, ligaments, etc. just kind of "give up" and relax. It felt so wonderful. I invert 2-3 times a day. I don't ever want to have the pain that I was experiencing before I got the table. Thank you so much for bringing such a hope-giving product to folks like me!!!!
- M.E. Richter, Tuscola, TX