The 411 on Copper Bracelets

5/23/2014 4:24 PM

Copper bracelets are worn by many people around the world!

If you're reading this post, chances are that a friend, family member, TV show, or magazine article recommended that you try wearing copper bracelets for your health. BillyTheTree has a large selection of copper jewelry for you to choose from once you understand why so many people elect to wear this jewelry.

Copper: An Essential Mineral for Your Body
Copper is used for more than just making pennies and pipes. Copper is a naturally occurring element; it’s on the periodic table of elements that you studied in high school! It is a soft metal that is flexible, therefore easy to form into jewelry. While most people think of copper as an industrial product, it's actually an essential mineral for living beings, and is found in the liver, bones, and muscles of humans. Copper plays an important role in iron absorption in the body, which is necessary for avoiding a number of bodily ailments, including anemia, bone abnormalities, and more.

Copper Absorption Through Jewelry
As essential as copper is for our bodies, many of us may be copper deficient. Most people wear copper bracelets in order to speed up their bodies' absorption of copper. Copper from a bracelet can actually be absorbed through the skin and straight into the bloodstream, which is more efficient than taking a supplement. Plus, a supplement is not as fashionable as a bracelet!

Choosing Your Copper Bracelet
The hardest thing about choosing a copper bracelet is picking the style and design that you like! Choose from a copper cuff bracelet - which has an opening so you can easily slide the bracelet on and off your wrist - or a copper link bracelet, which has a clasp to securely fasten the bracelet. Both types of bracelets are easy to resize and can be worn by both men and women.

Looking for something a little flashier? Copper bracelets come in the traditional red-brown copper color, and also in other colors, thanks to plating in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold. You can also choose from great designs that suit your style!

The best part about copper bracelets is that they are super affordable. Many of the copper bracelets on BillyTheTree are under $30. Check out our selection by clicking here!


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