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Gilded Streaks - Pure Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet (TT-50)
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This titanium magnetic bracelet is approximately 1/2" wide. 3,000 gauss magnets (north pole) in every link. Clasp closure. Nickel-free.
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

High quality nickel-free titanium magnetic bracelet (24K Gold & Silver Plated)

Wow. This magnetic therapy bracelet looks like something only your boss could afford. Now people will think YOU'RE the boss.

What is Titanium?

Titanium is a metallic element, which is well known for its excellent corrosion resistance and for its high strength. Titanium is as strong as steel, but is 45% lighter. Titanium is 60% heavier than aluminum, but twice as strong. Because of its strength, light weight, extraordinary corrosion resistance, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, titanium metals are used in aircraft, missiles, joint replacement implants, and body piercing. Our Titanium magnetic bracelets are superior quality and are finely crafted with 3000 gauss neodymium, north polarity magnets on every link, and have stainless steel split pins. These Titanium magnetic bracelets are crafted using Commercially Pure (CP) Grade 2 Titanium, which is the most bio-compatible titanium grade of all.

We use 3 micron 24K plating, applied using an IPG plating method resulting in an extremely durable finish.

Why magnetic therapy?

Magnetic pain relief therapy is SAFE, non-invasive and non-addictive. Magnet therapy is used by millions of people around the world, including professional athletes. For instance, it is believed that over 70% of senior tournament golfers utilize magnetic jewelry.

You, too, can enjoy our beautiful and powerful magnetic jewelry - our affordable prices makes these powerful magnetic products available to anyone. Our elegantly designed jewelry is suitable for any occasion or sport. Many of our early ancestors found and used magnetism to their advantage.

President's Review:

Gilded Streaks Titanium Magnetic BraceletBRT-TT-50

This review I truly looked forward to writing. The Gilded Streaks has always been among my personal favorites - I've worn it for about two years now - and I'll tell you why.

The golden patterns on this magnetic bracelet - no less than 24k gold plating, mind you - always remind me of a sophisticated night out with good company. You know what I'm talking about. The kind of night where you get together with a close group of friends, you sip a nice cocktail, and you feel like the most stylish person on Earth. You've got a nice shirt on, sleek pants, and, of course, a gorgeous magnetic bracelet.

Now, of course, we're not just talking style here. This bracelet packs a powerful punch, with its seemingly countless 3,000 gauss-strong, neodymium, north-pole magnets. Think I'm kidding? Your bracelet will have in the neighborhood of 25 magnets (plus or minus a few, depending on how many links we add or take out for your particular wrist size), so that adds up to a total magnetic strength of 75,000 gauss!

Add to that the usual benefits of titanium - the incredibly light weight (I sometimes forget that I'm wearing the bracelet), highly rugged design (two years of near-daily weightlifting, bi-weekly tennis, the occasional golf game, and a round here and there of mini golf, have yet to make a serious scratch), and perfectly harmonious interaction with your body (remember, titanium is great, even if you have a metal allergy), and you've got a clear winner.

Yes, I may be biased - considering that this is my personal bracelet - but I'm nevertheless confident that, once you try on this bracelet, you will agree with all that I have stated. Strong magnets, incredibly light weight, highly stylish design, and this men's and women's (unisex) titanium magnetic bracelet will make a terrific asset on the golf course, in the weightroom, on the tennis court, during that stylish night out, or even when you're relaxing at home. Enjoy!

How do I care for my magnetic bracelet?

To obtain years of enjoyment and therapy from your magnetic bracelet, which is great for all of you golfers out there looking for a boost from a magnetic bracelet, you should remove your magnetic bracelet before showering, bathing, swimming, or washing your hands. Chlorine or salt water may damage your magnetic bracelet. Do not use any sort of jewelry cleaner or jewelry cleaning machine on your magnetic bracelet. To clean your magnetic bracelet or other magnet jewelry, you should wash your magnetic bracelet by hand in a mild soap solution, and then simply rinse and air dry the magnetic bracelet. The same applies to titanium magnetic bracelets, stainless steel magnetic bracelets, copper magnetic bracelets, and, of course, to the hematite magnetic bracelet. While you're out on the course playing golf, tennis, or are out at the bowling alley, don't forget your magnetic bracelet! Remember, many golfers love their magnetic bracelet, and wouldn't think about heading out on the golf course without their favorite stainless steel magnetic bracelet or titanium magnetic bracelet.

Caution: Do not wear a magnetic bracelet if you have a pacemaker or electric implants of any kind, or are allergic to metal.


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