About ArmourLite Watches

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ArmourLite revolutionized the watch industry as the first manufacturer to combine shatterproof glass construction with tritium
illumination. Designed to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement officers, military personnel, first responders and extreme
outdoorsmen, our watches provide the ultimate synthesis of accuracy, durability, and ease of use in all light conditions.

Designed from the ground up to eliminate the weaknesses inherent in other tactical watches, ArmourLite began by challenging a
specialty glass manufacturer to adapt shatterproof glass technology to watch crystals. Through an exhaustive research and
development process, we created a shatterproof crystal that far surpasses the durability of traditional crystals.

Glass strength is rated in Vickers, a scale that measures the hardness of a material. Most watches have a glass strength of 700 Vickers.
The glass in the ArmourLite Professional Series, Automatic Series, Colorburst Series and Captain Field Series watches has been tested
to a hardness of 6,000 Vickers.

To match the strength of this extraordinary glass, we developed special 316L stainless steel housings and mated the two with a custom
rubber retaining ring that ensures superior shock resistance and watertight construction. Most ArmourLite watches also have screw
crowns that allow them to remain water resistant to a depth of 100 meters, and our Professional Series watches feature unidirectional
rotating bezels to easily track elapsed time during critical activities. ArmourLite’s extraordinary combination of design, materials and
construction methods ensures that our watches can withstand the rigors of the most challenging environments.

ArmourLite’s Professional Series also features distinctive heavy-duty mounting pins that consist of a steel bar secured by two screws.
Far stronger and more durable than the thin spring-bar pins found on many watches, these overbuilt pins ensure that the watch will
remain securely attached to the band, even during the most extreme activities.

Durability is only one of the qualities of an exceptional watch. It must also be accurate and maintenance free. To accomplish this,
ArmourLite uses premium Swiss quartz movements in its non-chronograph models and state-of-the-art Citizen Miyota movements in
most of its chronograph and automatic models. Many of our date-only watches are powered by power saving Swiss Ronda 715 Li
movements, utilizing lithium batteries that provide a 10-year service life.

To ensure maximum ease of use in all lighting conditions, ArmourLite watches incorporate tritium illumination from the world’s leading
manufacturer, Switzerland’s mb-microtec. The hands and number markers of our watches feature small, self-luminous, hermetically
sealed tritium-filled vials coated with a thin layer of phosphorescent material, zinc sulfide. The electrons of the tritium continuously react
with the phosphorescent material, converting electrical energy into light that allows the user to easily tell the time at a glance, even in
the darkest lighting conditions. This safe, reliable illumination technology provides a hands-free low-light time reference that does not
require batteries and remains constantly illuminated for more than 20 years.

The ultimate combination of durability, accuracy, and ease of use, ArmourLite watches set a new standard in timekeeping reliability.

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