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The place where you and your partner had your first date. The city where you spent a year studying abroad. The town from your first family vacation. Your favorite memories create your favorite places, and our customizable map jewelry and gifts help you keep those places close to your heart. Your favorite city will be commemorated on a beautiful pendant or charm that will help keep your memories fresh.

CHART Metalworks Custom Map Jewelry

About CHART Metalworks


CHART metalworks is the creation of a long time sailor, with a nautical Maine background. One day in 2006, surrounded by scrolls of nautical charts in her home, Charlotte Guptill was inspired to incorporate the medium into her designs. In 2008 CHART metalworks was formally launched. Soon after husband John joined to assist with the growing orders in their studio on Custom House Wharf, Portland, Maine. Now with the help of a talented pack of Maine based artisans and an expansive collection including maps and territories beyond the US, they handcraft custom nautical chart and map adornments allowing you to capture your most treasured spots across the globe. CHART metalworks is the original custom nautical chart and map jewelry.


Create vessels for you to tell your own custom story – where you grew up, site of your engagement or marriage, favorite vacation spot or current residence. Our one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories are adornments that allow you to wear your world.


With US made hand-cast pieces, handcrafted in our studio on Portland, Maine’s working waterfront. With a quality that can only be achieved by Maine goods, made by Maine people.


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