Katherine Grey working in her studioKatherine Grey was born in Idaho and raised in Florida. She has spent her life pursuing art. She paints, sculpts, is a print maker, and a photographer. Grey earned a bachelors degree in Fine Arts from Wellesley College in Boston and has recently returned to Idaho to pursue her passion for the Western landscape.
She is known for her depictions of the landscape and animals of Idaho and the Pacific Coast. Each unique design is hand carved onto materials such as wood or linoleum. The resulting plates are then hand printed. Trained in printmaking at Wellesley College, her images elicit the essence of her subjects with simple lines and strong contrast made possible by this unique medium. Her vibrant landscapes, though inspired by specific locations, evoke rather than mimic nature. They inspire an emotional viewing of nature, employing color, light, movement, and texture.
She paints on site carrying easels and canvases up mountains and throughout the backcountry of Idaho. Employing a palette that reflects her inner world, she captures a unique and native understanding of the landscape. Grey paints on canvas using oils to build her landscapes with paintbrush, pallet knife, and the occasional three-dimensional object such as twigs in Reservoir in Winter I. These techniques create depth and texture, conveying the immense, yet subtle, nature of the wilderness. A close-up of Katherine Grey's work
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