Bangle-style magnetic bracelets

These are very much like traditional bangle bracelts. That is to say, these are magnetic bracelets that are open and fairly flexible. To put them on, you simply open them up by pulling the ends apart a little bit, you put the bracelet around your wrist, and you squeeze the ends together again to make for a good fit. This is a classic magnetic bracelet look, and a lot of people will automatically think of these types of magnetic bracelets when you mention this topic.

The advantages of bangle-style magnetic bracelets:

  • They make for a great fit, as they are flexible

  • They are easy to get on and off – no clasps to deal with

  • They are a “classic” magnetic therapy bracelet design

The disadvantages of bangle-style magnetic bracelets:

  • By their nature, they can have only so many magnets (usually no more than six)

  • Some may not feel as though the bracelet is as secure, given that it has no closure. Usually, this is only a concern for those with wrist sizes significantly above or below average

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