Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Copper has been worn for thousands of years by many cultures around the world. Copper is an essential trace mineral, and many feel that there is a benefit in wearing magnetic jewelry that also happens to be made of copper. BillyTheTree features a very large selection of copper magnetic bracelets, so for simplicity's sake, I will discuss the two main types that we carry separately.

The first type of copper magnetic bracelet is a link copper magnetic bracelet. These are bracelets with watch-style links, each of which contains a strong magnet. The bracelets feature a clasp closure. It should be noted that these bracelets are not made of solid copper, but feature copper plating instead. It is very expensive and impractical to create a copper link bracelet made of solid copper, as this would not provide the needed flexibility. This type of bracelet is best for individuals looking mainly for magnetic therapy, but who are also curious about making use of copper, or who simply like the look of copper.

The advantages of link copper magnetic bracelets:

    • Many strong magnets are present

    • The price/magnetic strength ratio on these magnetic bracelets is nearly unbeatable

    • You have the added benefit of copper, in addition to magnetic strength

The disadvantages of link copper magnet bracelets:

    • They are not made of solid copper, and thus may not be as durable as other magnetic bracelets that we offer

    • The sizing is a bit more inflexible. While we offer free custom sizing - and we're one of the only companies that I know of where that is the case - it is not as easy to, say, lend the bracelet to a friend. In a bangle-style copper magnetic bracelet, you could simply squeeze to fit.

The second type is the solid copper magnetic bracelet. We feature a very large selection of these bracelets. Many copper magnetic braclets of this style are handmade. These are all bangle style, for the reasons discussed above. For the pros and cons of this type of copper magnetic bracelet, you can simply refer to the "Bangle Style Magnetic Bracelets" column above.

The following advantages of solid copper bangle magnetic bracelets should also be noted, however:

    • As the name implies, they are made of solid copper.

    • They are incredibly durable. Many customers have reported that their bangle style copper bracelets still look almost like new, even after five or six years of continuous usage! This is because there is no coating or plating that can wear off (there is a small layer of finishing lacquer on some models, but this will gracefully wear off over time, leaving the bare metal with little visual difference).

I should also mention that, with copper magnetic bracelets, some customers report that the bracelet will leave green marks on their wrists. This is completely normal, and is essentially just a sign that your body has "had enough" copper for the time being. The green marks will wash off with hot water and soap. It might be advisable to leave the copper braclet off for a day or two, so that the green marks don't reappear for some time thereafter.

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