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Important Watch Band Information

How do I know what width watch band I need?
To determine the width of the watch band/strap, you can measure the band/strap that you currently have. If you don't have a band or strap, you should measure the width between the case lugs of your watch (see the image below.) Watch bands/straps are measured in millimeters (mm), so be sure to use a ruler or measuring tape with millimeters as shown in the image. If you do not see a band/strap that matches your measurement exactly, simply choose the closest size available.

How to measure width of your watch band

How do I know what length watch band I need?
Watch band/strap length is measured in inches. If you have a watch band that you can measure, use a ruler or tape measure to measure the length on each side of the watch NOT including the watch case or the buckle. See the image below for an example of how to measure the length.

How to measure length of your watch band

Tip To Keep Your Leather Watch Strap Looking Like New
​Avoid getting your leather watch strap wet. Avoid excessive contact with sweat or perfume, which can cause discoloration of leather. ​
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