Magnetic Bracelets

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Magnetic bracelets, and magnetic jewelry in general, is in the midst of a renaissance. Rebounding from relative obscurity, it now seems like almost everyone knows somebody who wears a magnetic bracelet, or uses some other form of magnet jewelry or magnetic therapy - and the rise in popularity of magnetic jewelry shows no signs of waning.

Surely, then, you've wondered what all the fuss is about - why wear a magnetic bracelet? The funny thing is, if you ask ten people who use a magnetic bracelet, you'll probably get ten different answers to that question. In other words, the reasons for making use of magnetic therapy are incredibly varied. We would know - over the course of the past five years, during which we have sold many tens of thousands of magnetic braclets, we've heard a nearly unimaginable variety of stories about magnetic jewelry from our customers. It would seem, then, that there are many different perspectives on magnetic bracelets.

Still, I will attempt to help you orient yourself a little bit if you are just getting started with magnetic bracelets, especially if you are not even sure where to start. I will assume that you were referred to either us here at, or to the general topic of magnetic bracelets and magnetic therapy, by a friend or relative, and that you are now curious to try one out for yourself.

All right, then, let's get started. Our huge selection can be a little overwhelming at first. Allow me to break it down for you. Broadly speaking, we offer the following types of magnetic bracelets:

  • Bangle-style magnetic bracelets

  • Copper magnetic bracelets

  • Hematite magnetic bracelets

  • Stainless steel magnetic bracelets

  • Titanium magnetic bracelets

Okay. Before we go further, I should note that all of our magnetic bracelets are incredibly stylish. We know that you don't necessarily want to be seen wearing a “weird bracelet”, and that's why we offer hundreds of different styles to suit any taste. Your magnetic bracelet will simply look like beautiful jewelry, and no one even has to know that it features strong magnets. All right, now let me go over these different magnetic bracelet styles, one by one.

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Copper and Magnetic Bracelets
Hematite Magnetic Bracelets
Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets
Titanium Magnetic Bracelets