Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets

These are our most popular magnetic bands, and there's very good reason that's the case. In my opinion, they present the ideal mix of price, performance, durability, strength, not to mention - they are incredibly stylish.

Our stainless steel magnet bracelet collection features the strongest magnets available (the titanium magnetic bracelets, discussed below, are equally strong). On each link, you will a 3,000 gauss, north-pole neodymium magnet. Usually, there will be in the neighborhood of 25-30 links, and thus, the same number of magnets, so you're looking at a total strength of about 75,000-90,000 gauss!! Of course, that number will vary pretty significantly from model to model, based on link size, and on your wrist size (larger wrist -> more links), but that's just to give you an idea of what kind of strength we're talking about here.

Stainless steel is also great for most people with metal allergies. Our stainless steel magnetic braclets are guaranteed nickel-free, so, in the vast majority of cases, customers are finding that they can wear these bracelets without any problems whatsoever.

In terms of durability, these bracelets are also very hard to beat. The magnets are epoxy plated, so they won't rust, and stainless steel itself, as you are surely aware, is incredibly durable, and pretty tough to even scratch.

Another big plus is that we are able to custom-size these magnetic bracelets to your specific need. Our jewelers take great pride in offering the unique service of custom-sizing every single stainless steel magnetic bracelet that we send out -- in many cases, at no additional charge! (certain upsizing fees do apply).

So, all in all, these are a great buy. Oh, and did I mention that most of them are on sale and available now for under $30? Most places, you won't be able to find that kind of pricing, but we think that these stainless magnet bracelets are so great that we need to do everything we can to get them into the hands of as many people as possible.

The advantages:

    • Strongest magnets available (along with titanium magnetic bracelets)

    • Durable

    • Great for most people with metal allergies

    • Highly affordable

There are some drawbacks, as with just about everything in life:

    • They have clasps, which might be difficult for some with arthritis to open and close

    • They require a special tool for custom-sizing (don't worry, we can do this for you)

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