Titanium Magnetic Bracelets - What Makes Them Different?

This guide to buying titanium magnetic bracelets will tell you everything you need to know.

When you’re looking to buy magnetic bracelets, it can be a little confusing to choose between the many different styles, metals, and pricing.

Some of our most popular styles of magnetic bracelets are our titanium magnetic bracelets.

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The "Courage", one of our bestselling titanium magnetic bracelets.

It might surprise you, then, to learn that the titanium bracelets are also some of our higher-priced magnetic bracelets.

So what makes titanium magnetic bracelets different, and worth paying a little more?

Titanium is commonly known as a metal that is used to build airplanes. It is extremely durable and lightweight. In fact, titanium is 45% lighter than stainless steel!

It’s no wonder that airplane manufacturers use titanium; it can last a long time and is efficient in terms of weight.

This same thing translates to our titanium magnetic bracelets: they are durable enough for daily wear, and they are so lightweight that you can barely tell that you have them on.

For men who aren’t used to wearing jewelry (besides a watch and ring), a lightweight magnetic bracelet is a great solution.

(Don’t worry, ladies, we have some ladies style titanium magnetic therapy bracelets, too!)

Another thing that makes titanium different...

Another thing that makes titanium different from other metals used to make magnetic jewelry is that titanium is also very resistant to corrosion.

Although we don’t recommend that you wear your titanium magnetic bracelet while swimming, or during your daily shower, our titanium magnetic bracelets will hold up well to daily wear and contact with sweat or skin oils.

Last, but not least

Most of our titanium bracelets are link-style, with a fold-over clasp for secure closure. They’re also plated with silver-tone and/or gold-tone plating, which is applied using an IPG plating method resulting in an extremely durable finish.

These bracelets are of superior quality and are finely crafted with 3000 gauss neodymium, north polarity magnets on every link, and have stainless steel split pins.

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