Frequently Asked Questions About WatchCraft

What is a WatchCraft watch?
It’s a one-of-a-kind, limited edition watch.  Watchcraft®, the company founded by artist-designer-watchmaker Milieris, is dedicated to presenting new ways of seeing the times in which we all live.

What does a limited edition mean?
Each individual watch is signed and numbered by Milieris.  Only 1000 timepieces are handcrafted of each style, making each watch a part of a limited edition collection.
For many of the collections, Milieris hand paints each individual dial, giving each Watchcraft® a distinctly different appearance, hence a truly unique one-of-a-kind timepiece.

Where are the watches made?
Milieris’s New York City studio is at the foot of the 59th Street Bridge in Long Island City.

Are the watches adjustable?

Yes, Each Watchcraft® timepiece is easily adjustable by a jeweler or watchmaker.

Do the watches come with a warranty? 
Even though most of the watches look as if they have been found at the bottom of the Atlantic, Watchcraft® timepieces bear brand new Citizen® quartz movements, and are accurate for many years to come.  Each Watchcraft® comes with a one year limited warranty from the time of purchase.  Watches are mechanical, and no one has been able to discover a way to overcome entropy, therefore, parts can wear down.

What is the packaging?

Watchcraft watches come to you in a custom beautiful faux suede boxes and the warranty is a color brochure which includes a biography of Milieris, and a description of the watch.

What materials does Milieris use?

Watchcraft® bands are made from NICKEL FREE solid jeweler’s brass, embellished with sterling silver, copper, and brass. Our cases are made from a single block of brass. The metals are distressed and oxidized to give the watches their “buried treasure” look.  The different metals are not sealed, so each changes depending on the wearer and surrounding atmosphere.  Watchcraft® timepieces suggest the reality of constant change and evolution. 

Are the watches water resistant?

Every Watchcraft® watch is water resistant. However, they are not designed to swim or shower with.  They can be lightly splashed but not soaked or immersed at all.